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Today it’s a followup to Tasting Tempranillo with a Tempranillo Blend.  This one is Vega Sindoa 2005Red Wine, which is 70% Tempranillo and 30% Merlot.  It comes from the Navarra region in Spain.

Vega Sindoa Tempranillo BlendSimilar to the Osborne Solaz Tempranillo Blend, I again was pleased with this compared to most pure Tempranillo that I tried.  There was a lot more fruit present in this than I found in pure Tempranillo.

The negative with this one is it is a bit on the sweet side.  In fact, I would say it’s almost unnaturally sweet.  I’m not talking dessert wine, but it just has a lot of sugars.  It makes me suspicious that it was sweetened to cover up undesirable flavors.  That said, it is quite enjoyable to drink – just not as complex/interesting as some other wines. 

This would probably be a good wine for making sangria.  Sangria was my first real drink.  I tried it when I was 13 on a trip to Spain and I’m still a fan.

Wine Tasting

My thoughts on this wine:  It has an earthy, herby nose. The palate is interesting with strawberries (sweetened strawberries) and chocolate as the dominant characteristics. A decent finish with a bit of complexity.  This is actually a nice wine to enjoy with chocolates.

 My rating came out to an 85.  I will probably buy this again, as it is a good deal at $6.99.  Try it on it’s own or in some sangria.

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  1. Sounds very interesting. I have yet to find a tempranillo that I like, but I am still willing to try! 🙂 I’ll keep an eye out for it.

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