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Gaia Red Blend

It’s always nice to come across a wine producer with a feel good story. Such is the case for this wine from Domaine Bousquet in Argentina.

The history of Domaine Bousquet began in 1990, when a third-generation winemaker from Carcassonne, France visited the Tupungato district in the Uco Valley, Mendoza, Argentina. He found there what he considered his dream terroir for a vineyard. In 1997 he was finally able to purchase the land for the vineyard and begin creating Domaine Bousquet.

They use only organic grapes in their wines and employ sustainable viticulture practices. For the Bousquet family sustainability means more than environmentally friendly. They also believe economic sustainability for their community is a fundamental part of sustainability. Realizing this has included infrastructure investments in cooperation with other wineries, transport for employees, micro-loans for continuing education and other investments.

Hailing from southern France, they apply French sensibilities to their wine making. Their Gaia red blend is made from French grape varieties, and I found it to be an interesting blend — blending malbec and cabernet sauvignon, which would be Bordeaux varieties, with syrah which I would consider a Rhone variety. And of course those grapes are going to have some stylistic differences grown in the Uco Valley in Argentina versus different terroirs in France.

The result in the Gaia red blend, is a delicious old world meets new world wine.

Vanilla, black pepper, black cherry and blackberry aromas are harmoniously blended on the nose, making for an elegant and delightful first impression. Before my mind even processes the flavors I’m blown away by the mouthfeel. It’s absolutely luxurious. The flavors are pure deliciousness, offering blackberry, strawberry and black cherry flavors with just enough spice on the finish. And that finish lingers on for minutes. This is an outstanding red blend.

Wine: Domaine Bousquet, Gaia, Red Blend
Varieties: 50% malbec, 45% syrah and 5% cabernet sauvignon
Vintage: 2015
Alcohol: 14.5%
Rating: 92
Price: $20.00
Disclosure: This wine was provided as a media sample.

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