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Kruger-Rumpf Trocken Riesling

A couple weeks ago I wrote about Bex riesling from the Nahe region in Germany. It’s a region that produces phenomenal riesling and yet I’ve only written about those rieslings a handful of times in the 10 years I’ve been doing this. And here I am, two weeks later writing about another Nahe riesling.

This one comes from a producer called Kruger-Rumpf, which has been an official Nahe winery since 1992 — although the family has been involved in winemaking for generations. Their vineyards are on sunny, steep hillsides and I swear you can taste the ripeness of the grapes in their wines despite the fact that this is a trocken (i.e., dry) riesling.

The nose is a classic riesling, offering a touch of floral aromatics, a touch of green apple, a touch of peach, some citrus and a cool minerality. On the palate it’s also a solid performer, delivering tart granny smith apple flavors alongside peach, lime and salty minerals. Apple flavors linger on the finish. The mouthfeel is nice and the acidity is perfect. Overall, this is a nice riesling at a reasonable price.

As I like to say, this trocken is rockin’!

Wine: Kruger-Rumpf, Riesling Trocken 
Variety: Riesling
Vintage: 2014
Alcohol: 12%
Rating: 90
Price: $17.00
Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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