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Mionetto Prestige Collection Brut

I’ve been coming across a number of different sparklers from Mionetto lately.  They seem to be doing a marketing push and I’m seeing them everywhere.  And after tasting some of their bubbly, I had to share this one with you.

Prosecco is the focus at Mionetto, and they don’t just produce one.  In the category of sparkling wine, Prosecco tends to be more of a bargain than many other sparklers.  This is in part due to the process they use to produce it, a “charmat” process that involves secondary fermentation in stainless steel tanks.  This differs from the more labor-intensive “méthode traditionnelle” in which the secondary fermentation is done in bottle.

This particular Prosecco from the Mionetto lineup is their “Prestige Collection” line and is a Brut, meaning it’s dry.

This Prosecco is quite fruity on the nose, giving off a pear, honeydew melon, peach and sort of a fruit cocktail quality.  It’s nice.  The palate is a good balance of salty mineral and fruit, particularly peach and pear with a bit of lemon as well.  It’s beautiful.  The acidity is perfect and the mouthfeel is good.  The finish is fairly long with tangy citrus and salty mineral.

Overall, this is some of the best Prosecco I’ve had in a while.

Wine: Mionetto Prestige Collection Brut
Variety: Glera
Vintage: Non-vintage
Alcohol: 11%
Rating: 90
Price: $14.00
Disclosure: This wine was received as a sample.

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  1. …have enjoyed it before and found it on sale for $11.99 @ Kroger, so it is was an easy choice for tonight’s get-together with my Kentucky girlfriends!

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