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I’ve reviewed some other Barefoot wines before and I’ve shared my basic perspective on them, but for some this may be the first time visiting the site… and so, I’ll give you the quick version of my position on Barefoot.  I think Barefoot does a great job of using technology and quality control to produce adequate wines.  I have yet to have a Barefoot wine that makes me say, “wow, this is outstanding!”  But I also have yet to try one that makes me say, “yuck!”  They make some palatable wines at very affordable prices.  As a blog focused on affordable wines, I would be remiss not to review them.

I do take issue with the fact that Barefoot does not put vintages on their wines.  If you want my full rant on that, just search “Barefoot” on this site and you’ll find it.  And this Pinot Grigio is no exception to the “no vintage” issue.  In fact, you’ll notice on the label of this wine that they have a very prominent sticker boasting a Gold Medal at the 2007 Monterey International Wine Competition.  Well, I have some news for you… If you’re buying a bottle of Barefoot wine in 2009 with a sticker touting a wine competition award from 2007, it’s highly unlikely that the grapes in the bottle you’re purchasing are from the same vintage as the wine that was awarded.  And if it is from that vintage, it’s past it’s prime!

All that said, I tasted this wine in part of a blind tasting lineup.  So, my bias wasn’t able to influence the notes and rating.

The nose is soft, but has a little spiciness and a very slight mineral characteristic.  Violets, lime and very soft flint make the bouquet.  The palate is full of citrus flavors and has sufficient acidity to give make it refreshing.  Lemon, lime and apple on the palate make for a non-elegant, but enjoyable wine.  A little bit of the classic Pinot Grigio perfume comes to life on the finish.  Not a bad wine.

Wine: Barefoot
Variety: Pinot Grigio
Vintage: n/a
Alcohol: 13%
Rating: 86
Price: $6.99

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  1. Tim,

    Was searching for opinions of the Barefoot Pinot Noir. I must say I agree with your assessment of the winery and the. Had one glass at dinner last night and my one glass I assume paid for the bottle, it was drinkable, however, had a bitter taste to it.


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