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A question many people have this time of year is: Which wine is a good choice to go with the Thanksgiving Turkey?

The good news is you have a few choices and can let your own preference guide your final decision.  Turkey actually will go with a number of different wines and I would say that if you have a favorite, just go with it.  Have fun and enjoy, it’s the holidays.

But if you’re just not sure what to serve, here are a few suggestions.

  1. Pinot Noir: This is the first wine that comes to mind for me when I think turkey.  If you ask me, it’s the perfect choice.  It’s not too heavy, it’s complex and it adds a bit of extra holiday spice to the table.  I recently completed a series of pinot noir reviews where you can surely find a good pick for your holiday table.
  2. Chardonnay: If you’re a  fan of chardonnay, it’s a great choice for turkey.  Cook up that Butterball turkey and wash it down with a buttery chardonnay.  Lucky for you, its another varietal that I recently completed a series of reviews on where you can find some good, cheap chardonnay.
  3. Champagne:  It’s light and refreshing and helps the dynamic flavors on the Thanksgiving table just explode.  I think champagne is often overlooked as a dinner wine.  Give it a shot.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any ratings on champagne available on this site yet.  (added to the to-do list)

Those are my suggestions.  I hope they help you have a fabulous Thanksgiving.  Cheers!

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