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Pepperwood Grove Pinot NoirSo… as I continue my quest for a good cheap pinot noir, I’m drinking this Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir and I have the Doobie Brothers’ China Grove stuck in my head.  I’m going to have to drink more of this and try to wash that song out of my head.  And drinking more of this wouldn’t be a bad thing, as this wine is to my liking.

While the Doobie Brothers were produced by Ted Templeman, Pepperwood Grove wines are produced by Don Sebastiani & Sons, also known as Three Loose Screws.  Sebastiani also produces Smoking Loon, Aquinas Napa Valley, s|k|n, and a few other brands.

The Pepperwood Grove Pinot Noir 2005 has a nice combination of roses and raspberries on the nose.  It has a nice crisp acidity with raspberry and cherry fruit and a touch of earthiness.  This finish has a lingering peppery / clove flavor that I like in a pinot.

I gave it an 87, but from other reviews I’m seeing on the blogosphere I’ll admit that I seem to be the only one who enjoyed this as much as I did.  It’s only $7, so I’d say pick a bottle up and judge it for yourself.  I think you’ll be pleased.

Try it with a poultry dish and if you like it, I think this is a decent low-cost wine to serve with your Thanksgiving turkey (or your Tofurky, if that’s your preference.)

Wine: Pepperwood Grove
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Alcohol: 13.5% 
Rating: 87

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  1. I just picked up this bottle and I enjoy it immensely. I am just getting started with wines (I had been only enjoying whites) and trying to go one class at a time so not to get confused.

    This wasn’t half bad.

  2. Something is wrong with the taste and I think it’s the cork. Just guessing, but there is a weird chemical taste here that is something like petroleum. I could not drink this wine.

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