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Blue Fish Sweet Riesling

There it is, right there in the name of this wine, something I generally avoid. No, I’m not talking about fish. I’m talking about sweet riesling. Don’t get me wrong, I love riesling. I mean I LOVE riesling. But I tend to stick with dry or off-dry riesling most of the time. And when I do partake in a sweet riesling, it’s generally a dessert wine and not really a cheap, sweet riesling. Therefore, I approached this wine with caution.

While it is a sweet riesling, it is also a German riesling and most of my favorite rieslings are German.

I actually do like riesling with a little bit of sweetness, but typically go no sweeter than a halb trocken (off dry). That touch of sweetness is particularly nice when I’m pairing it with spicy foods. Thai food is the classic pairing, but pulled pork tacos with a spicy vinegar sauce also pairs amazingly with an off dry riesling.

My aversion to sweet riesling is due to the fact that I’ve had some that are just too sweet and out of balance. A good sweet wine is all about balance between the sweetness and the acidity. Thankfully I’d say this one delivers on that front. It also didn’t strike me as much sweeter than a typical halb trocken, which is probably due to that balance.

The aromas are delicate, delicious and somewhat perfume-like, showing soft honeysuckle, lychee, apricot, melon and apple fragrances. The palate is sweet, but not too sweet. The flavors are mostly like a yellow delicious apple, offering both a tartness and a sweetness. There are also some apricot and peach flavors, particularly on the mid-palate and finish. The mouthfeel is pleasant and has an ever so slight effervescence to it, although I wouldn’t characterize it as bubbly. The finish lingers with peach and apple flavors. The sweetness also shows on the finish.

At this price, this is a pretty darn good riesling.

Wine: Blue Fish Sweet Riesling
Varieties: Riesling
Vintage: 2014
Alcohol: 11%
Rating: 86
Price: $11.00
Disclosure: This wine was provided as a media sample.

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