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Siegrest Blanc de Noir

Last week I was singing the praises of German pinot noir. Well, how about a curve ball to blow your mind? How about a German white pinot noir?

You may or may not already know the majority of the color in red wine comes from the skins. And you may not know it’s possible to make a white wine from a pinot noir. Well, it is very possible and can also be very good. And here’s a great example.

This wine comes from Siegrist winery in Pfalz, Germany. While I classify it as a white wine the color is a little different than what you see in most white wines, it has an ever so slight golden-copper hue that is not red enough to be a rosé but more tinted than most whites. Don’t be alarmed by the color, embrace it. I think it’s beautiful.

The nose of this wine is also beautiful, with lovely floral aromas alongside almond, lemon and apple. The palate is crisp and delicious, delivering yellow delicious apple flavors along with lemon and salty minerals. It has a nice vibrancy and mouthfeel. The finish is a little short, but nice with salted citrus flavors.

This is a very food friendly wine too, pairing fantastically with hard cheeses or strong creamy cheeses in particular.

Wine: Siegrest, Blanc de Noir
Variety: Pinot noir
Vintage: 2013
Alcohol: 12.5%
Rating: 86
Price: $20.00
Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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