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Bila-Haut White Blend

Over the years I’ve been reviewing wines I’ve found myself taking notice of producers and importers who are consistently good. One of those I’ve been drawn to over the past year or two is Michel Chapoutier. I’ve tried a number of Chapoutier wines and I have yet to find one that isn’t good, much less great. That experience has been consistent with their red, white and rosé wines over multiple tastings.

This consistent performance has made Michel Chapoutier one of my “go to” producers. If I’m in a wine shop or restaurant and see one of his wines, my choice is made — because I’m confident it’s going to be good. And with their Bila-Haut line the value is exceptional.

This white blend is another win for Chapoutier. It’s made from a blend of grenache blanc, grenache gris and macabeu from Côtes du Roussillon in southern France.

Floral, citrus, melon and pear aromas blend beautifully in the nose of this wine, offering a refreshingly elegant bouquet. The palate is delicate yet has sufficient acidity to make it sing. Lemon, peach and apple flavors marry up nicely, giving the essence of the fruit with out the sweetness. It finishes well too, with lingering citrus and mineral flavors. This is a fantastic white.

Wine: Michel Chapoutier, Vignes de Bila-Haut, Côtes du Roussillon
Varieties: Grenache blanc, grenache gris and macabeu
Vintage: 2014
Alcohol: 13%
Rating: 90
Average price: $15.00
Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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