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Blanc de Bleu, Cuvée Mousseux

Wait, what!?!? A sparkling blue wine? That can’t be wine, can it? It must be horrible. Did they add food dye? Who buys this stuff? I wonder if it’s any good? Is it totally sweet? Is this a joke? Am I a fool for wanting to review this?

Those are some of the thoughts that went through my head when I first saw this wine. There’s nothing wrong with the picture or your screen, that wine is blue. It’s not the bottle, it’s the wine.

I’m not going to lie, I was very skeptical of this wine. I mean, how much more gimmicky can you get? But at the same time, I love it when someone dares to try something different. And I’m not totally opposed to gaudy things. So, what the hell? I’ll give it a shot.

As I looked into this wine it’s not as horrifying as it first looked. The wine is made of chardonnay with a small amount of blueberry extract added. And that blueberry shows up fairly prominently in the wine. The wine is a brut, meaning that it’s dry — not sweet.

It is a sparkling wine, made with the charmat method — which involves secondary fermentation in tanks. This is the same method used for Prosecco. While it is sparkling, I find that wines made with this method often aren’t as bubbly as those made with the traditional method.

I am amused that the wine was given a French sounding name and the label design is reminiscent of French sparklers. It comes across as elegant and tacky at the same time. I love that!

Given that this wine is so unique, I felt that I could “review” it but I didn’t feel like I could “rate” it. I consider a rating to be a score of how a wine measures up against similar wines. But in this case I can’t think of a similar wine. It’s one of a kind.

There is definitely a blueberry muffin-like aroma on the nose, along with a little bit of yeast a little bit of apple and a floral twist. The palate is an experience, offering apple and citrus flavors up front followed by blueberry on the mid-palate. That blueberry flavor lingers extensively on the finish, where it takes on that blueberry muffin characteristic. There’s also a touch of lemon on the finish. It’s not sweet at all, which is great. It has decent acidity and a pleasant mouthfeel — although I would have liked it to be more bubbly. It’s enjoyable, but definitely different.

It’s definitely a fun wine for a party. I’m sure it would also be a popular choice at weddings where blue is a primary color for the decor. And it’s unique enough to be worth a try, at least once.

Wine: Blanc de Bleu, Cuvée Mousseux
Varieties: Chardonnay, blueberry
Vintage: Non-vintage
Alcohol: 11.23%
Average price: $12.00
Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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