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Trivento Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

The grand majority of Argentine red wines I’ve consumed have been malbec and somtimes bonarda. I was happy to try something different from Argentina — even if a cabernet sauvignon is not all that “different” of a wine.

A little bit of a side note before I continue about the wine… Every time I drink any wine from Argentina I have an inner dialogue debating whether I should refer to it as Argentine or Argentinian. My preference is Argentine as I think it sounds more elegant, while Argentinian sounds unnecessarily clumsy and sounds like hick-speak to me. But maybe that’s just me. I hear others say Argentinian more frequently, so perhaps that’s the preferred form. Or perhaps I just hang around with a bunch of hicks. Or maybe I’m the hick and I have no self awareness to that fact. How do you say it?

Getting back to this wine, I wouldn’t say it’s a mind-blowing cabernet sauvignon but it’s not bad. And for eleven bucks, it’s really good. It has good balance, good flavors, powerful aromas and some depth. It has pretty much what I want out of a cabernet sauvignon, it just doesn’t have that special magic needed to make it mind-blowing. Of course if it had that, they wouldn’t be selling it for $11 bucks a bottle.

The aromas offer a nice balance between spice and fruit, featuring vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon along with jammy cherry, raspberry and plum. In the mouth it’s like chocolate covered cherries (except not sweet). I also found some bright raspberry flavors. It’s quite dry and has a silky mouthfeel. The acidity is just right. The finish is fairly long and showcases the vibrant fruit and spice flavors. For a cheap cabernet sauvignon, Trivento nailed it with this one.

Wine: Trivento Reserve
Varieties: Cabernet sauvignon
Vintage: 2013
Alcohol: 14%
Rating: 88
Average price: $11.00
Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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