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3Spells Chardonnay

I’ve reviewed a few wines in the past from a small producer from California called Spelletich Family Winery, but it’s been a while.  And I’ve never reviewed one of their whites… until now.

If you’ve been reading this site for a while you probably know how I feel about chardonnay.  I struggle with it.  Or I should say, I struggle with how many producers make it.  And I’m not alone.  Many wine lovers I know are critical of chardonnay.  But when it’s made well it can be outstanding.

My hat is off to Spelletich for this release.  Why?  For one, they didn’t bury the wine in oak.  They kept the freshness of the fruit alive.  It’s ALIVE!!!

This is a California chardonnay, from Lodi, to be more specific.  And while you might think of Lodi being a place for red wine, particularly zinfandel, there’s still a good bit of chardonnay grown there.

This wine has a really refreshing nose, offering aromas like apple, cucumber, honeydew melon and flint.  While the aromas are fairly powerful, they are also harmonious and balanced.  And this wine tastes as good as it smells, revealing tangy citrus, apple, melon and mineral flavors.  The acidity is good and the mouthfeel is rich but not overly creamy like some chardonnay can be.  It finishes relatively long with tasty citrus flavors.  This chardonnay will not disappoint.

Wine: 3 Spells Chardonnay
Variety: Chardonnay
Vintage: 2011
Alcohol: 14.2%
Rating: 87
Price: $20.00

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