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Forest Glen Pinot Grigio

At times I struggle to find the right balance on this site.  My personal interest lead me down the path of more obscure, unique and interesting wines.  But I know that many readers come here just wanting to find recommendations on something simple they can pick up at their local shop, wherever that shop is.  This is a review for those readers.

One of the more common brands I’ve been pleasantly surprised by over the years is Forest Glen.  It’s a brand in the portfolio of bargain-wine-giant Bronco Wine Company and is one that I’ve found to have a good quality-to-price ratio fairly consistently.  This pinot grigio is no exception.

Apple, pear and light floral aromas give this wine a vibrant and refreshing nose.  The flavors are a medley of stone fruits: pear, peach and apple.  The acidity is sufficient — meaning it’s crisp, but a touch more acidity would have been even better.  The finish is relatively long and brings a touch of citrus to the stone fruit flavors.  Overall, I can’t complain about this wine and for ten bucks it’s a bargain.

Wine: Forest Glen Tehachapi Clone Pinot Grigio
Variety: Pinot grigio
Vintage: 2011
Alcohol: 12.53%
Rating: 86
Price: $10.00
Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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