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Here is another Soave that’s worth checking out.  This one comes from Cantina Di Soave under their ReMidas brand.

It’s made from 100% garganega grapes and is, of course, from the Veneto region in Italy — where the Soave DOC is located.

ReMidas Soave

I know this is a scent description that annoys some people, but I have to say this wine is “round” on the nose.  What I mean by that is the sensation generated by the aromas in this wine is one that stimulates the outer edges of your nasal cavity.  You literally feel the scent in a full, round way — as opposed to some wines that have a very narrow scent profile that only stimulates the center of the nasal cavity.

Getting back to more familiar terms, the aromatics are reminiscent of pear, melon and peach.  On the palate, the flavors match the aromas — pear, melon and peach — and are presented with a creamy mouthfeel and good acidity.  The finish is fairly long and features mostly melon flavors.

I can tell you from experience that this wine pairs fantastically with sliced tomatoes topped with buffalo mozzarella and pesto.

Wine: Cantina Di Soave, ReMidas Soave
Variety: Garganega
Vintage: 2012
Alcohol: 12%
Rating: 87
Price: $10.00
Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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