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Yes, it’s another merlot review.  This one comes from the Rapel Valley region in Chile and it’s made with organically grown grapes.

Emiliana is focused on biodynamic and organic agriculture in their vineyards, embracing a philosophy that these practices result in healthier vines—which in turn, they say, produces better wines.  Farming organically doesn’t just mean the absence of chemicals, but it also means that biodiversity is practiced in their vineyards.  This involves intermixing the vines with other crops, using biological corridors and other practices.

Like many producers, they have several different tiers or labels of wine.  Some of those wines are biodynamic, some are organic and some are what they call “integrated management” wines—applying environmentally-friendly (although not organic) techniques.  The Natura label is one within their organic portfolio.

One other thing that stands out about Emiliana for me is the fact that I love their website, aside from an annoying splash page they currently have about the Prowein show.  I visit a lot of winery websites and I’ve come to expect them all to be horrible.  But my hat is off to the team that created the website for Emiliana for making it easy to use, free of clutter and well-designed with beautiful imagery.

Emiliana Natura Merlot

The nose of this wine is well balanced and pleasant, leaning a little toward the fruit side.  It offers intense plum and blackberry aromas, but it also shows some beet and mint, giving it good complexity and character.  The palate isn’t as “big” as I expected it to be, based on the intense aromatics.  But it is good.  There are plenty of plum, cherry and blackberry flavors.  It’s a little bit tart.  The acidity is good and there’s a touch of tannin, giving a nice mouth feel.  It’s a good merlot and a bit unique in style.

Wine: Emiliana Natura Merlot
Variety: Merlot
Vintage: 2011
Alcohol: 13.5%
Rating: 85
Price: $9.00

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Disclosure: This wine was received as a media sample.

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