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This week we’re doing some odds and ends.  Reviews of wines that we don’t have a full line-up to do a full series, but we have one or two we want to highlight.  Today, it’s a double-header review with two wines from Soave.

Soave is a relatively small wine appellation in the Italy’s Veneto region, which is in northeastern Italy.  It’s a beautiful region, with rolling hills, churches, bell towers and even some castles.  Soave is primarily made with two grape varieties.  The primary grape is garganega, which is the only grape is some Soave.  And Trebbiano di Soave is the second most-used Soave grape.  Both of the wines we’re reviewing today are 100% garganega.

There are actually four different designations for Soave, but we’re only tasting two of them today, a Soave DOC and a Soave Classico DOC.  I know… the non-wine-geek readers are already going cross-eyed reading about DOC’s.  You just want to know if the wine is good or not, so let’s get to that.

Re Teodorico Soave

2009 Cantina di Monteforte “Re Teodorico” Soave DOC

As a Soave DOC, this is an entry-level wine from the Soave region.  And it’s a pretty tasty one too.

This wine has a straw-like aroma to match its straw color.  It also shows some pear aroma and some yeast, like a loaf of rising bread.  The palate has a distinct honey flavor, but without the sweetness of honey, along with some pear, and green apple.  The acidity is sufficient and gives it a vibrant tanginess.  The finish is like a salted green apple, bringing out a touch of mineral on this wine.  Long into the finish the yeast adds an aromatic note to the aftertaste.  This is a nice wine.  It’s interesting, fun, distinct and enjoyable.

Wine: Cantina di Monteforte “Re Teodorico” Soave DOC
Variety: 100% Garganega
Vintage: 2009
Alcohol: 12%
Rating: 86
Price: $7.99

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Il Casale Soave Classico

2009 Le Albare “Il Casale” Soave Classico DOC

Soave Classico DOC is considered a step up from the Soave DOC and tends to have a little more structure and ageing potential.

Some consumers may find this wine similar to a chardonnay, although it certainly has it’s nuances that set it apart.  It is light, fruity and refreshing on the nose, with peach and pear aromas.  The palate also shows some peach and pear flavors, along with some melon.  The finish brings a touch of almond flavor, which is a common trait in Soave and one of the things that sets it apart from other wines.  It also shows a bit of mineral on the finish.  It’s a nice wine and would pair well with a pork tenderloin.

Wine: Le Albare “Il Casale” Soave Classico DOC
Variety: 100% Garganega
Vintage: 2009
Alcohol: 12.5%
Rating: 86
Price: $12.99

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Disclosure: These wines were received as a sample.

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