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We tried one of these last week and it was fun, so we’re going to try another.  Of course if you missed the first wine pairing challenge, Blackstrap Molasses Shrimp, you can still add your two cents on the best pairing here.

I’ll re-explain the background to this challenge, for those who haven’t seen the first one we did.  A friend of mine is The Cheating Gourmet at a website called Man of the House where he’s doing a bunch of recipes with videos on how to make foodie-worthy dishes with minimal effort.  We wanted to collaborate somehow between what I’m doing here and what he’s doing but realized that most of the recipes he’s done so far aren’t really ones that I would typically serve with wine.  So, I thought it would be fun to do a wine pairing challenge to see how all of you would pair wine with his dishes.

And to be transparent, I’m trying to get more people to check out his stuff.  He just started doing these videos a month or so ago and I think he’s doing an outstanding job with them.  So, please check them out.

On with the challenge.  What we want you to do is check out the video/recipe for the Ultimate Omelette and then tell us your recommendation for a wine pairing in the comments section.

Ultimate Omelette

Typically I’m not a wine with breakfast kind of guy, but occasionally I will have an omelette with other meals.  So pairing a wine with an omelette isn’t that far fetched.  In fact, in my opinion this pairing is not as challenging as the first one we did, but it still could go in a number of directions.  Of course one variable is what you put in the omelette, since Todd does give  you some options.  If your pairing is dependent on what you’re putting in the omelette, please be sure to specify that.  Otherwise, just make a recommendation based on the way Todd prepared the recipe.

Game on!

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  1. I like all of those suggestions, but I’m going to go with an unoaked chardonnay because of the fruit that served with the omelette. I think the fresh fruit flavor and acidity of an unoaked chard would work with both the omelette and the fruit.

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