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I’ll be honest with you, California isn’t the first region I think of when I’m looking for a Gewürztraminer.  And Forest Glen never comes to mind as a brand I would expect to turn to for Gewürz.  But then Forest Glen has surprised me before, like when their Pinot Noir topped some other Pinot’s more than twice the price in a blind tasting.

This is a brand that’s produced by Bronco Wine Company, best known for making Two Buck Chuck of Trader Joe’s fame.  Seriously, I never expected them to produce a Gewürztraminer.  And to be honest, I was a bit biased against it and therefore tasted this wine blind alongside a few other Gewürztraminers.

Fresh cut flowers are all over the nose of this wine, which is really nice.  But there’s also a slight cabbage aroma, which is not as pleasant.  It’s a touch spicy too, which gives it another plus.  The palate has powerful lychee and a touch of honey.  It could use a touch more acidity, but I wouldn’t call it flabby. The finish has a lingering sweetness, so I would only recommend this one to those who like sweeter wines.

All told, I’m surprised again.  While I wouldn’t call this an exceptional Gewurztraminer, it’s still decent… and a bargain at $8.00.

Wine: Forest Glen Gewürztraminer
Variety: Gewürztraminer
Vintage: 2008
Alcohol: 11.8%
Rating: 84
Price: $8.00

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Disclosure: This wine was received as a sample.

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  1. dude…was at the dollar store and picked up a couple of 2008 gewurtz…its a ten at one dollar…plus tax…hope I don’t go blind…hehe…goin back for the lot…

  2. I thought I found best Gewurztraminers (my favorite) in Germany but then came big shock when I went to Czech Republic. They have amazing region for white wines there, Moravia, and under label Tramin Cerveny you will find full bodied gewurtz’s for awesome prices like 4 euro. For 8 $ you’ll get a true jewel from late harvest and believe me that’s a life experience!

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