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I’ve been wanting to get some Washington State wine on this site and I finally have my first with this Washington State Cabernet from Red Diamond

Red Diamond is still a relatively new brand to see on the shelves.  They released their first wine, a Merlot, in 2003 and they now have four varietals available: Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.  The Cabernet is the first one I’ve tried from this producer and I’m quite impressed.

Red Diamond Cabernet SauvignonFrom time to time I comment on the marketing behind the wines that I taste and I have to say that I love the packaging design from Red Diamond.  It quickly caught my eye and now stands out every time I pass it on the shelf.  It has a very bold and masculine look. And it’s masculine in a modern, Generation X kind of way—it’s not an old man/Hemingway masculine.  The artwork has a dramatic, tribal tattoo style.  And the label is printed with a raised ink technique that gives it an embossed feel.  It’s a simple yet bold look, and an nontraditional design for a wine label—fitting for a wine as bold as this one.

Enough about the label, let’s get on to the tasting notes.  The wine has a deep, rich ruby color.  The nose features cherry cola, vanilla, blackberry and tobacco.  The palate is rich with intense jammy blackberry, cherry and dark chocolate.  It is silky smooth with a toasted oak finish and sufficient acidity.

After I take my notes often I like to see what the producer put in their notes and I usually find their notes to be total bullshit, but the notes for this one actually came it surprisingly close to my own: “Aromas of black cherry, blackberries, liqueur and hints of tobacco and smoke precede a rich, silky palate of cherry, chocolate and black fruits with a touch of toasty oak on the finish.”

I gave it an 89 and at $8.99 that makes this a great deal.  I’d say enjoy it now as I expect the price on this one to creep up over the next few years if they can maintain this level of quality.

Wine: Red Diamond
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vintage: 2005
Alcohol: 13.5% 
Rating: 89
Price Paid: $8.99

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  1. I spotted some 05 Red Diamond CS on 2/23/08 on sale for $5.99. Although I was tempted to buy two bottles (based on Tim’s 89 rating above and the low price), I, nevetheless, curbed my enthusiasm. Boy, am I glad I did. Unfortunately, what I got had apparently started turning to vinegar. In fairness to the wine maker, I believe this wine had not been stored properly, had probably sat too long in too much sun and heat and showed signs of being cooked. I went back to the vendor on this one and got a fair offer from him to try another one, recive a credit or receive a refund–my choice. I went with a credit against a purchase I was making anyway.

  2. I found this selection on sale for $5.99. Unlike the previous poster, I must have purchased an untainted bottle. My observations on this wine is that it has nice dark fruit flavors, enough complexity, and better mouth feel then most cabs in this price range. It is certainly a “drink now” candidate as the tannins are barely noticable. A very solid bargain cab.

  3. I heard about this wine in the summer of 2007 from a friend who said it was the best cabernet sauvignon he has tasted “ever” under $75.00.

    I thought he was full of it. Well to my suprise I think he is right. If there is a better caberent out there anywhere near this price let me know. I have served it repeatedly at dinner parties using the old taste test. Everyone one my guests (who drink a lot of red) said this was an absolutely outstanding wine.

    With that said, I don’t think the Red Diamond Shiraz or Merlot are all that distinctive, but the Red Diamond Cabernet Sauvignon- Magnificent!

  4. I am not a huge fan of reds and am currently trying to change that. I purchased a bottle of Red Diamond CS 2005 on recommendation of the salesman at the liquor store. I’m hooked! It was delicious and that says alot coming from me!

  5. yep. definitely a drink “now” cab and another hit in a line of many for dear ste michelle estates. these guys and gals just get what everyday inexpensive wine drinking is about … the red diamond cab is a fare rating at 89 … the posting is correct: do not hold and for the price, why the hell would you?

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