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I’ve come across a number of casual wine drinkers who endorse Barefoot wines as a good cheap wine.  I tried one of the reds a couple years ago (I can’t remember which one) and wasn’t that impressed, so I haven’t gone back to Barefoot until now.

The Barefoot Chardonnay is actually not that bad.  And it seems I need to retract some of my lambasting of E&J Gallo in my last post.  Why?  Because Gallo owns Barefoot – they purchased the winery back in 2005.

Barefoot ChardonnayOne of the things that did strike me as peculiar with Barefoot is that there is no vintage on the bottle.  It’s just Barefoot Chardonnay.  Apparently the year doesn’t matter.  No vintage, but they do have a big sticker that says “98 Points!”  This is from a 2002 California State Fair Wine Competition and while I’m sure this wasn’t the vintage that was entered in the competition, Barefoot is going to milk all the marketing they can out of that award.

I did not give it a 98.  I gave it an 87.  It features peach and apple flavors and a decent finish.  Overall, it’s a nice enjoyable wine for $6.99.  Not outstanding, but a decent value wine.

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  1. I recently tried a bunch of different sparklers, including the Barefoot Sparkling Wine. I was in search of a champagne for a bridal shower where the attendees were not complete wine geeks.I bought several bottles of the Barefoot sparkler. It was sweet, but still tasty, and perfect on the deck at 3 pm on a hot Sunday afternoon. The bridal shower guests LOVED it. It’s not as dry as I would prefer, but then, I’m a wine geek. They were just enjoying the wine.

    I’m not a chardonnay fan, so I haven’t tried it, but I have tried their Sauvignon Blanc (NV). It was surprising, in that it wasn’t near as bad as I had anticipated. Who knew?

  2. I’m not a wine connoisseur, but I just had 2 glasses of the Chardonnay and I feel like I am going to puke. That’s my test. I will not buy this stuff again, even if it is under 10 bucks.

  3. I just bought a bottle and Im looking forward to trying it. The only other Barefoot that I really enjoy is the Zinfandel. At 9.99 Canadian its better than most in the 9-16 dollar range.

  4. I just poured myself a glass of Barefoot Chardonnay. It’s awful! It’s so bad, in fact, that I’m going to go pour the bottle down the drain. What a waste of $8. (And I’m not a wine conoisseur – I normally buy chardonnays in the $6-10. But this is the first one I can’t drink.)

  5. I love Barefoot wines and the Chardonnay is no exception. I’m actually sipping on some right now. One note I would make is the strength of the honey on the front end of this wine. From time to time I hear the “honey note” mentioned, but I’d go so far as to say the front end of this wine is largely dominated by that note.
    That being said, the Chardonnay is not my favorite white by Barefoot. I strongly urge everyone to try the Pinot Grigio – now that is a good cheap wine!

  6. It’s funny to read these comments from the wine snobs… If you want something to your likings you should just stay away from these cheaper wines.

    Anyway, I thought it was good wine for only $10 a bottle.

  7. Justin: $10.00! Mine was only $5.49! But then I live in North Georgia; maybe you’re in California?Lol. In any case, I really like this wine. It’s my go- to white, and I’m thrilled that its so cheap. I have to pay 3.00 to 7.00 more for reds that I like. I can drink barefoot reds in a pinch, but I don’t like them like I like their chardonnay.

  8. I bought a bottle of Barefoot chardonnay. Chilled it. Poured a glass. Took two sips from the glass. Poured the rest of the glass down the drain, poured the bottle down the toilet. Tastes like paint thinner.

  9. Oh my! Old Redneck, that doesn’t sound good. Sounds like the alcohol flavor was way to hot.

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