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The drinking starts now! 

 Actually, the drinking for this site started about 8 months ago.  I’ve been writing tasting notes, but haven’t posted anything until now.  I have some pretty cool “big ideas” for this site… so big that I haven’t been able to motivate myself to spend weeks coding, designing, etc. to get them done.  But rather than continue to procrastinate, I thought it was time to start small and build upon it.  So I’m starting with a blog and we’ll see where it goes from here.  That’s the beauty of the Web… you can continually adapt and refine.

Yes, I know… another wine blog, big deal.  But I am going to do things a bit different than other wine blogs I’ve seen.  For one, I’m focusing on finding the best value wines.  My goal is to limit this blog to $10 and less wines.  I may go up to $15 if I think a wine is worth it, but the grand majority will be under 10 bucks. 

Another thing I plan to do differently is I am not just going to highlight whatever random wine I happen to pick up, but I plan to taste in themes.  It could be a varietal theme, a regional theme, a producer theme, or some other theme that pushes exploration in a specific aspect of wine.  Although I’m sure a few randoms will show up now and then, when I need a little variety or stumble across something that deserves a mention.

My first theme is Grenache.  I love Grenache.  It’s a great everyday wine and one that offers a lot of affordable options.  I searched wine stores all throughout my region to find as many different makes of Grenache that I could find under $10.  And to my delight, almost every Grenache I found was within my price range.  All together I tasted 16 different Garnachas to find the best and the worst.

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